Cleaning Services, General and Detailed

Our cleaning services are unparalleled and no surface is too difficult for us to maintain. From hard floors, to wooden floors, to carpets and tiles, terrazzo to metal, our cleaning services are led by teams who have been in the industry for eons, and have experienced and dealt with the most challenging surfaces and areas, which have given us the experience and confidence to take on the challenges. We use the best and safest products be it bleach, detergents, sanitizers or handwash liquids, only the safest will do and we ensure that we only use the right chemicals, processes and equipment to maintain a clean, healthy and safe workspace.


By entrusting the cleaning services to ONE, a client has invested not just in an outsourced staff management service, but in the knowledge and experience that has come with several years of doing the same things time and again, continually perfecting it.

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