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Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management, is the act of consolidating all your facilities’ services and functions under a single, unified and outsourced team of experts, with the intention of reducing costs, increasing efficiency and dealing with one service provider as opposed to several. Integrated Facilities Management comprises of and includes both Hard Facilities Management as well as Soft Facilities Management.

Hard Facilities Management

Hard Facilities Management are those that constitute a part and parcel of the fabric of the facility infrastructure including all the technical infrastructure such as the electrical systems, plumbing, mechanical, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), generators, pumps and much more, whose efficiency is of paramount importance in the workplace. The management and maintenance of these equipments are important in creating a safe environment for the organisation, its employees, its clientele and all who are dependent on its efficiency, safety and reliability.


Properly managed hard facilities services have an impact on staff morale, leading to less downtime, hence greater productivity, giving employees a sense of pride of and in their workplace, gives the impression of a well-managed and run facility. They prevent and minimize downtime as a result of random breakdowns which could have been better managed by having implemented a Planned Preventive Maintenance schedule which would bring to forth upcoming requirements, reduce safety incidences, reduction of maintenance costs incurred during breakdowns and reduced likelihood of systems failures.

Soft Facilities Management

These are non-technical services such as cleaning, sanitary management, waste management services, security provision services, CCTV monitoring services, hospitality services, gardening and landscaping, provision and management of drivers & riders and much more. This is the management of and enhancement of a general working environment, making it as pleasant as is possible and an appealing atmosphere to conduct business in. These however can and may be changed from time to time so as to suit the prevalent business or conditional situations which may vary from time to time.


Some benefits of soft facilities management include and are not limited to; gaining a perspective from a new team, provision of additional services, access to a skilled workforce and access to better tools and equipment otherwise not generally invested into.

Benefits of Integrated Facilities Management

By engaging one team of outsourced experts to provide an integrated facilities management service, the most outstanding benefits include;


–         Reduction of operating costs

–         Reduction of the number of outsourced vendors

–         One point of contact

–         Allowing you to concentrate on and further develop your core business

–         Improved workforce morale & pride

–         Access to a host of additional services & equipment

–         Enhancement of the work environment

–         Reduced downtime

–         Increased Occupational Health and Safety

–         Implementation of best practices